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T House

Bucharest, 2020-

A main wooden element, composed of doors, curves, cabinets, floors and panels, is the protagonist of the space. It is born from the need to have a cozy and warm feeling with a touch of luxury.

Other elements with natural materiality, work together with all the carpentry thought its maximum potential, which functions as panels, space dividers, brises, cabinets etc.

The T House project is a game of black and neutral contrasts, which dilutes the wood covering of the rooms. Our goal was to promote the minimalist philosophy, which creates a harmonious symphony in which elements complement each other.

The outcome is simple, airy and comfortable, creating for the user the perfect scenario of a home with personality and individuality.


Project team
Sami Bumbu, Dragos Mila, Alina Olteanu​

Tech Partners
Avi Compact, Ariostea, Yutomation, Rimadesio, Arclinea, Flexform, Gessi, Inbani, Oasis Group