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Prado Le Chalet

Poiana Brasov, 2021-

By pairing raw concrete with warm timber, Le Chalet Prado hopes to offer a contemporary feel of a chalet home, while also complying with strict local architecture guidelines. As a result the area typically follows the local vernacular of wooden cabins – something aiming to reinterpret in a more modern way.

The stacked configuration features distinct layers with separate programs. The ground floor provides public spaces including the reception, restaurant, and residential spaces. And the second and third floor accommodates the living spaces. In the underground, can be found the infinity pool along with the wellness center, commercial spaces, and parking lots.

Orienting the cladding in different directions emphasizes the differentiation in volume between the three levels in a clean, modern way. Each level of the chalet becomes progressively brighter and more spacious towards the top, with the living area enjoying the most natural light and volume as a result of large windows filling the space beneath the pitched ceiling.

The interiors feature materials chosen to complement the external expression, most of the walls are clad in wooden boards with some fabric surfaces breaking up the homogeneity of the wood. Marble slabs in the bathrooms introduce a texture and tonality that complements the natural material palette.

This project intends to make sure the outline reflects our modern signature, thinking about how design becomes more interesting than just being groundbreaking.

Project team
Sami Bumbu, Dragos Mila, Brîndușa Stînga, Radu Burlac (architect), Andrei Iordache, Marina Zdrafcu, Dan Gabriel Andrei

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