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Nordis Hotel Mamaia

Bucharest, 2019-

Located on the Northern area of Mamaia, this Beach-front Luxury Complex is composed by 4 solid 10-stories-apartment blocks, connected by a common ground floor area.

The design aims to be read as a graphically simple composition of slender horizontal waved lines, dividing the full height stone and glass finished elements, that quietly animate the elevations with rhythm and pattern.

In the design concept of the apartments, the approach is a strategic response to nature, where the sense of place is strong, manifested in a serie of intimate connections with the sea.
It is a response to the water and the magnificent sky. Dialoguing with the lingering twists and turns of the natural waves of the Black Sea, it merges with the landscape by simplicity and minimalism, highlighting the natural envinronment.


Project team
Sami Bumbu, Dragos Mila, Marina Zdrafcu, Alina Olteanu, Serban Anghel, Livia Ionescu, Oana Poschina, Daniela Hurezeanu

Tech Partners
Neolith, Yutomation, dFINE