Works Lake Residence

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Lake Residence

Bucharest 2012-2014

The project evolved from a clean base: different textured whites, dark essence wood, rough edges and strong lines, subtle metallic accents. The lighting system design provides diverse compositions – by using direct, indirect, ambiental lights and their reflection. With adding color and graphic motifs, the space gained individuality and personality. Relationship between shared spaces is kept through transparency – with the use of glass partitionings and glass ceilings. From pastels to black, transparent to opaque, light to obscure, plain to playful, soft to rough – Lake Residence clearly reunites a series of opposites and unexpected scenes.


Project Team
Alina Cojocari, Dumitrita Efremov, Tudor Baciu, Alexandra Alecu, Dragos Manoil

Tech Partners
dFINE Interiors, Ekero, Thral, Yutomation, Glas Expert, Via Rustik