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Kiss Apartment

Bucharest, 2019-2020

The goal of the design was to create an apartment where the sense of place is strong and expressed in a series of intimate relationships with the nature.

The pattern driving from the fall of the light, and color driving from natural envinronment (wood, sand, marble, stone and vegetation), provide a charged context against which to read the pristine geometric forms and the graphical simple composition of slender vertical lines that are framing the volumes.

A vista extending the full breadth of the apartment is a defining movement as it openes up to all the adjacent spaces with a repeating pattern of light and shadow.

The purpose was to activate different states of mind, as passing from the entrance hallway through the opened-space of the day area down to the private area consisting of guest bedroom, mini-spa, study room, masterbedroom and bathroom.


Project team
Sami Bumbu, Dragos Mila, Monica Telea

Tech Partners
Porro, Casone, Arclinea, Edra, Emmemobili, Kulttur, Yutomation, Ekero, Vibia, Flos, Terzani, Ronda, Arte Wallcovering, Tecnografica