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Doftana, 2021-

The concept of the Innsjø soul retreat, situated in the forest trees of Doftana Valey, Romania, began with norvegians influences of architecture, reflecting the luxury minimalist preferences with contemporary perspectives.

The retreat is outspread on a surface of 523 sqm, based on scenographic architecture for depths of light and volume in connection with nature. The geometrical approach for a clean aspect and good utilization of the space creates harmony and intimacy.

While the option is for monochromatic design, the focus is settled on wood materials , stone design with marble accents, different textured of white and dark tones for high contrast perspectives. The materials selected reflect the preferences and need for longevity, durability and practical use.

The rooftop is covered in green moss for a reinforced concept of ‘’as above so below’’ and for keeping the structure incorporated in the scenary. The premium design and alternatives of the sizes of the windows is centered on transparency, optical distinction and wideness of the light.

The choice for moderate furnishing: stone tables, stone with wood accents benches serve as keypoints of relaxing within the spatial atmosphere.

We believe that this oasis of safeness and peaceful environment is helping the connection of the soul with the beauty of nature.

Project team
Sami Bumbu, Dragos Mila, Brîndușa Stînga, Andrei Iordache, Marina Zdrafcu, Dan Gabriel Andrei

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