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E Apartment

Bucharest 2018

E Apartment is a smart home located in the northern area of Bucharest, with a spectacular view over Herastrau Lake.

The general ambiance of our project is a warm one, achieved with the combination of soft textures: fabrics, wallpapers, wood. We brought the apartment to life by integrating green walls and porous surfaces in our design.

Glass partitionings -like the ones we used between bath and bedroom, living room and kitchen- enhance spatial amplitude.

Our love for details can be observed in the use of filomuro ceiling height doors and in the clean execution of all articulations. A continuous rhythm is maintained by vertical modularity of the custom-made storage furnishing.

The lighting design creates a different story in each space, ensuring an integrated, dynamic experience.

For an extra touch,  added sculptural compositions to emphasize certain

The results of our choices are eclectic, but cohesive visual variations, turning a common dwelling into an unique and personal perspective for our client.


Project team
Dragos Manoil, Alexandra Alecu, Monica Telea

Tech Partners
dFINE Interiors, Yutomation, Ekero, Glas Expert, dFINE Contractor