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Duality Patio

Bucharest, 2019

The concept of this patio, situated at the ground floor of an apartment building in Bucharest, began with the challenge of designing a narrow area, creating a sense of space and composition.

The architectural reimagining of the space began with two primary elements: wood and light, each one of them delivering a different sensorial experience, combined, creating a warm athmosphere with a natural vibration.

The Padouk wood was disposed to fracture the narrow and long spaces in smaller segments, asymmetrical interuptions enhanced by the warm light lines. A horizontal metal belt is closing the entire geometry on the vertical plan.

The minimal furnishing: a stone bench, a swing and a serie of simple dining furniture serve as waypoints within the spatial narrative.


Project team
Sami Bumbu, Monica Telea

Tech Partners
Vetedy, Casone, Hardwood Flooring Deluxe