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C28 Apartment

Bucharest, 2019-2020

The concept of the C28 Apartment project emerged from minimalist influences and from narratives that guide new ways of designing a space, inspired by premium design and contemporary perspectives. The clients, a young couple with a single child, desired a minimalist, high-functional home, with a touch of lush.

A selection of elements, premium finishes and unique lightning, were carefully picked for the project to highlight the concept of luxury minimalism. Three major principles have guided the design process: a clean, sensorial and scenographic architecture that focuses on the connection and depth of the spaces, containing only a few elements apart from the natural materials.

Strategical lightning points has been placed around the spaces, both on ceilings and walls, which alternates smooth and shiny surfaces with rough and matte textures. This gives the whole a greater depth and shadow so the volumes are better appreciated to the detriment of the plane surfaces.

From our point of view, a subtle degree of technical sophistication makes the difference between decoration and architecture.


Project team
Sami Bumbu, Dragos Mila, Marina Zdrafcu

Tech Partners
Ariostea, Oikos, Ditre, Midj, Kulttur, Foscarini, Midj, Flos