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A22 Apartment

Bucharest, 2021-2023

The design blueprint for this 2 bedroom flat, situated in the centre of Bucharest, evolves naturally, molded by the lifestyle demands of a young single man. A blend of practical elegance with contemporary and modern aesthetics results in a dynamic and fashionable living environment. The outcome is a setting that perfectly balances form and function, with carefully designed spaces that merge comfort and style, customized to cater to the distinctive needs of a young, independent individual.

The goal was to provide our client with a harmonious dichotomy, where vibrant living spaces smoothly transition to intimate sleep spaces. The daytime areas radiate openness and brightness, drenched in natural light and promoting serene energy and productivity. On the other hand, the nighttime spaces, decorated with deep blacks and rich colors, create a sanctuary of warmth and refinement. The juxtaposition of the spacious, bright daytime and the private, dramatic nighttime settings ensures a captivating experience that adjusts to the pace of the client’s lifestyle.

Project team
Dragos Mila, Mihaela Constantin, Gabriel Chivu, Elvira Zelca, Marie-Jeanne Marinescu

Tech Partners
Casone, Ariostea, Porro, Oikos, Gessi, Longhi, Cantori, Minotti, Oasis, Bluinterni, Antrax, Tecnografica, Treesse, Salvatori, Galloti Radice, Flos, Terzani, Serip, Gandia Blasco, Ekero, Youtomation,