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A21 Office

Bucharest, 2020-

The main challenge of the office design it was how to merge the site conditions (minimalist industrial design) and usage, for example the ratio of open area and private working area, interaction and meeting spaces, and also the atmosphere of the space suiting the company’s identity.

Since the office is a premium real-estate company, the main idea was to perceive the nature of the business in the design concept, including colors, textures, materials, furniture etc.

We kept the original ceiling texture and shape – a gigantic bronze levitating canopy and we updated the wall and ground surfaces, therefore the design merges the history and new elements together.

Given the abstract bronze intervention for the office covering, that has a cold, industrial design, our choice for the interior was to bring more warmth to the space (neutral earthy tones, natural materials and textures and a sensitive game of lights), offering the user a familiar, welcoming feeling.


Project team
Sami Bumbu, Dragos Mila, Serban Anghel

Tech Partners
Yutomation, Ekero, Flos, Casone, Vesoi