Bureau Team

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Even though the studio is specifically named by Samuel to represent himself, it gained a collective personality. We are diverse and complementary to each other.

Hierarchies are felt as bonding instead of supremacy.

Our connection is grown on trust and respect.  We have space to discover ourselves and to choose the direction we feel bound to. We take time to learn and share knowledge.

Our days are filled with sense of humor and blunt critics. Conflicts are brief and intense, and always productive.

Dragos Mila – architect
Monica Telea – architect
Marina Zdrafcu – architect
Georgiana Argatu – architect
Cornelia Robu – acquisition engineer
Brandușa Stînga – project manager / senior architect
Gabriel Chivu – architect
Diana Radu – architect
Victoria Moloman – architect
Radu Burlac – architect
Andrei Iordache – architect
Livia Ionescu – junior architect
Teodora Anda Capra Robescu – junior architect
Andreea Fetecau – junior architect
Luca Galavotti – project manager
Mihaela Constantin – project manager
Sorin Chirita – project manager
Miruna Gheordunescu – graphic designer